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Since receiving my stage 2 Lipedema diagnosis over a year ago, I’ve made it my mission to provide better resources for women with Lipedema. Following the success of my blog, Lipedema and Me, I’ve been working hard to create an innovative platform for women considering Lipedema liposuction surgery.

Lipedema and Me’s Find a Surgeon directory is the first patient-verified directory dedicated to women considering life changing Lipedema surgery. It’s an all-in-one resource that displays everything you need to know about Lipedema surgeons worldwide.

Our easy-to-use platform not only shows you the location, surgical technique, credentials and other details of the Lipedema specialists, but we allow patients to leave verified reviews with images of their results. This means you can make the best decision based on the opinions of women who’ve already been there and have shared their experiences.

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