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  • Léna HELMER

    I was on surgery twice by doctor MAJEWKSY.

    Even if the surgery journey is not finished (I still have the lower legs, the arms and perhaps the abdomen ) I am already 1000% satisfied with the results.

    Before the first surgery my lipedema had become so painful that I was losing all social life and my ability to move as well.

    Following the first operation, the awfuk pain in the front of my thighs disappeared, allowing me to resume regular physical activity, meet my friends at parties, go to the park with my children and go crazy with them (which was no longer even possible just before starting the process). For the second operation, the buttocks and saddlebags were the pain in the lower back which disappeared very quickly. I very quickly had the opportunity to spend an evening standing and stomping around a concert for several hours in a row: no pain or the strong need to have to sit down because of my back, which had never happened in my life. compete.

    I had no aesthetic expectations, I made no speculation on this level, but it is clear that this is also an area that Doctor MAJEWSKY masters by offering a magnificent result, adapted to the basic morphology of the patient, harmonious, without defects except those which she warns cannot be corrected but completely light.

    Doctor MAJEWSKY is a basic vascular surgeon and therefore knows perfectly the venous and lymphatic system which must be protected at all costs during the operation and she has only been doing lipoedema for more than 6 years, she has therefore acquired unique experience of this type of operation.

    I deeply loved the humanity, the kindness and the human warmth that I found at Lisumed, with Doctor MAJEWSKY, but also his entire team (special thought of Sabine, the lipoedema mother of all the French patients who follow us from the start to finish, remotely and on site in his native French, which is enormously reassuring).

    You will have understood that if there is a place where you should have lipedema surgery, it is Lisumed by doctor MAJEWSKY. I’m on my journey and his work has already radically changed my life for the better!

  • Maja Aagaard

    I’ve had 2 out of 4 surgeries so far with Dr. Majewski, and I’m very happy with the service, communication, aftercare and of course my results.
    I’m stage 3, type 3+4 and I’ve had my arms done in September and front thighs done in November 2023.
    My lipedema pain has disappeared completely in the operated areas, my daughter can sit on my lap again and I can wear normal blouses and jackets.

    I’ve had Bodytite with both surgeries, and so far I’ve got very limited loose skin.

    The pricing at LiSuMed is variable and fair, less than other surgeons charge, but you still get the same.

    LiSuMed also treats other areas with lipedema, besides the arms/legs, and I’ll have my belly done with my lowers.

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