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  • Sara Nalley

    Dr. Hagopian, board certified plastic surgeon with a specialty in lipedema, is a friendly, kind, down-to-earth guy who just also happens to be the best plastic surgeon! Dr. Hagopian performed lioedema surgery on my thigh backs and sides, and knees. The surgery was performed at a hospital in Atlanta, under general anesthesia. The entire experience was textbook perfect: the consult, the pre-op, the hospital experience with kind nurses and an anesthesiologist who took the time to explain things carefully, to surgery, and post op. I had an excellent recovery with minimal pain (Tylenol only for three days.)
    I have hEDS and was concerned about the impact on the surgical experience, but he was very hEDS aware, and there were no complications.
    Due to my age (69) and length of time of having lipedema (he suspected I had it from an extremely young age) the mass of lipedema fat on my lower back thigh was like a solid chunk mass. Under general anesthesia, he was able to take care of all of that.
    I am beyond thrilled with my results! It has been shocking how much lighter my thighs feel (and look) and the impact on my daily life. Once forced to use a cane when I woke up each morning, I now feel 30+ years younger and cannot believe I feel so energetic!
    I strongly endorse Dr. Hagopian as a plastic surgeon for lipedema surgery!

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