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  • Lara Hubner

    I discovered Dr Su, of Artlipo, in Tampa Florida, at the same time as discovering that Lipedema was a thing. I was googling ‘Cankle Liposuction’ and his Instagram page popped up. It was a revelation! To finally understand what was going on with my body, and to find a surgeon who could deal with it, in one Google search, was a dream come true!

    I did a bit more online research to see if I could find similar treatment closer to home (I live in the UK) but in my opinion, no other doctor comes close to achieving the sculpted results of Dr Su.

    Flying to Tampa for surgery was pretty straightforward – there are direct flights everyday from Gatwick. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic, so recovery is much quicker than under a GA, and you can fly home the next day, after your follow-up appointment.

    So far, I have travelled to Tampa twice for treatment. My first round, I had my cankles and knees addressed, and on my second trip I had my arms and inner thighs done. I could not be happier with my results. They are astounding!

    Dr Su does not come cheap, but he is the best in his field, and worth every penny.

    For more information, and plenty of first hand experiences by patients of Dr Su, request to join the fabulous Dr Su Facebook patient support group, set up by one of his first lipedema patients. It is called Dr Su – Artlipo, Lipedema and Liposuction Patient’s Group. Dr Su fixed my body, the ladies in this group fixed my mind!

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